FreeSpaceBar is a small utility for win9x, ME, XP (and maybe NT or 2000?)
I didn't write this for OS/2 simply because several already exist! But I couldn't find one for win...

New(er) version 2.0 now available for XP, win7 and maybe above...

download FreeSpaceBar2

FreeSpaceBar2 is basically a conversion of the original over to dot-net for compatibility with newer systems, and a test of the conversion process for other things... Virtual memory display has been replace with page file usage. The SYS, GDI and Usr are gone as they are now meaningless. The CPU counter now should work. Okay, I "fixed" the 'V' button. It now mutes the wave out devices and turns red on first click. Restores the original values and turns green on second click. So now it works, but only on the wave out devices... Other than that, I've been running it on XP and win7 for quite a few months now with no problems. Does what it's supposed to. The download file is an MS install msi file of about 593K. You should be able to just double-click on it (after downloading) to install it on your system.

Old version info shown below...

FreeSpaceBar displays drive free space, memory statistics, up-time and OS resources all in a small 'bar' that can be positioned anywhere on the screen as shown below:

Now version 1.30.0011

FreeSpaceBar © 2001 by Bearly Computing

FreeSpaceBar is Copyright © 2001-2016 by Bearly Computing, however it can be considered 'freeware' (for the moment) and can be freely distributed as long as it remains unmodified and due credit is given to the author (Bearly Computing).

Please read the doc file, as such, for information about why FreeSpaceBar exists and where it may go. For questions or support, see below...

To download FreeSpaceBar, click here (or there?)...

FreeSpaceBar is distributed as a self installing 272K file using the Wise installer and includes an un-install option. After downloading FBInstall.exe, simply run it and follow the instructions. The above doc file is included with the install package.

New version 1.01 has the drive free space fixed and should now be correct for any sized drive! Aslo added toggles for displaying network drives and turning off the screensaver (which I find very useful).

New in version 1.03: Added a CPU monitor that displays the percent of CPU usage. And the spacing of the memory displays have been tightened up a bit.

New in version 1.10: Added a "ss" button to turn on the screen saver. This is very handy when leaving the computer and you use your screensaver for security reasons.

New in version 1.20: Added an "m:" box to display the current phase of the moon in percent. Not guaranteed accurate at all! But close enough to the day. If the mouse cursor is held over this box (and FreeSpaceBar is the selected window [click on it]), the phase and full moon date is shown. Also added color changes to the resource monitors to alert for limited resources.

New in version 1.3 is a monthly calendar display by clicking the 'c' button. It doesn't do much but display the month with today's date highlighted. But it can display the month for just about any date and comes in handy for me when I want to know what date is Wednesday or what day the 23rd is...

New in version 1.30.0011 : Made the program compatible with winXP by making the resource display show 100%. I may take the resources out completely for XP for the next version?

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