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DilaSoft V3 : Feature rich - easy to use!   DilaSoft V3 dilatometer high temperature viscometer software

  • Precise measurements include thermal expansion (CTE), alpha, length, time and temperature for the dilatometer. Viscosity, torque, time, temperature, speed and shear for the rotating viscometer. Viscosity, rate, deflection, time and temperature for the bending beam viscometer and parallel plate viscometer.
  • All major windows are sizable for high resolution screens.
  • Automatic experiment archiving and Calibration Reports.
  • 100 program segments with cycling to allow segment sections to be run multiple times plus an interactive graphic chart displaying the actual temperature profile over time.
  • Customizable visual and/or audible voice alerts available for each program segment.
  • Many run-time parameters can be modified while an experiment runs, including the entire temperature program.
  • Quick Reports for one button data, table and graph reports.
  • Delayed start and pre-heat the furnace options.
  • Automatic specimen length and data filename allow rapid production experiments with limited user input.
  • Critical program parameters can be locked with or without password protection to prevent inadvertent changes.
  • Selectable automatic archiving of all experiment data and parameters.
  • Analyze offers many of the most used predefined graphs which can be fully customized by the user plus data smoothing, spike removal, conversions between inches and millimeters, Celsius and Fahrenheit, customizable table reports and many other features.
  • No limit to the number of collected and stored data points.
  • All data is saved in plain ASCII text format that is easily imported into any other program.
  • DilaSoft V3 runs all four instruments: dilatometer, rotating viscometer, parallel plate viscometer and bending beam viscometer.
  • DilaSoft V3 version 3.20 is now finished and available. See the DilaSoft updates page for the details.

    If you need or would like to upgrade to the latest version of DilaSoft V3, you can contact me directly. I have placed the new version 3.5 for April 2020 info on the DilaSoft updates page. Also see the registration info page for details and the new lower cost of registration.

    RIP theta industries! It would seem that as of September 25, 2018, theta industries is no longer in business. Of course I only suppose this by the announcement that TA Instruments has purchased certain assets of theta and the old theta web site now redirects to the TAInstruments site. Although I can not imagine what ever theta may have had that TA was interested in? The only surprise in this would be that it took so long to happen... And obviously it also means that I'd have no hopes at all to ever recover the $12,000 that theta owed me...

    and the old news...

    Theta industries finally paid an invoice (last year! 2015). Hoping this was a good sign (it wasn't!), I released DilaSoft V3 version 3.20.111 to them. If you purchase this new version through theta industries, make sure it is registered in your name! I can not send the license code if the registration fee has not been paid to me in full!

    Unfortunately as of November 2015, it doesn't look like theta industries will be distributing any versions of DilaSoft V3 beyond the old 2014 version 3.01.064. If any other dilatometer or high temperature viscometer manufacturers would be interested in distributing DilaSoft V3 with their instruments, feel free to contact me.

    Disclaimer: The web site for theta industries, inc. ( theta-us.com ) displays me as the designer and maintainer. This was true until May 1, 2015. Unless something changes in the future, I am no longer the maintainer of their web site and not responsible for anything displayed at theta-us.com! If I was, I would have the site all dressed up for their 50th anniversary and pushed them for some special promotions and such. Obviously this hasn't happened... And since they still owe me on the order of $12,000.00 and refuse to answer any e-mails, I'm not even sure they are still in business?

    To be clear, DilaSoft V3 is the latest version of the old DilaSoft I software sold through theta industries. They no longer distribute the latest versions.

    Theta Industries customers PLEASE read this!

    Please note: Due to current circumstances, direct and free support for DilaSoft I software ( any version ) sold by theta industries has been discontinued as of May 1, 2015. If you have a problem or question about any version of DilaSoft I sold by theta industries, CONTACT THEM! I am sorry for this inconvenience and will do my best to answer any E-mails concerning my DilaSoft V3 software. I will not be able to get involved with lengthy support issues or hardware problems. Those will have to be handled by theta industries. Of course I offer full software support for any registered versions of DilaSoft V3 purchased through Bearly Computing!

    Yes, I suppose this entire site is somewhat of an embarrassment. I used to at least play here (on Page 2) but just don't have the time any more...

    And now I apparently have plenty of free time but not the money to do much. 22 years of software development, web site design and maintenance; including setting up a very nice support forum for customer use, creating promotional materials and documentation and of course, customer support seems to mean little to some people. Now I find myself a free agent and not quite old enough to retire. Didn't even get a watch (an engraved pocket watch would have been nice), or the 21 weeks of vacation time I'm due... Would have been nice too if they at least waited a year for my daughter to graduate from college... Yep, there's a great "Thank you for your service but we don't need you anymore"; except I never got the "thank you", or the watch or party or cake or handshake or even a simple phone call saying how sorry they were that I was leaving (not of my own accord!) or anything else... Obviously I should have done things the microsoft way and created software so full of bugs that it required constant updates... or worked for someone who cared!

    In a totally opposite vein, I would like to thank all the DilaSoft customers for the last 22 years. Yes, you've reported "bugs" and problems but also suggested some very good features to add to my software. I've enjoyed working with you and will miss all that. Oddly enough, I think it's a shame that I never heard anything from most of you. I had always hoped that meant I did a good job. And just maybe, things will continue for a while... So if you'd like to see something in a new update, let me know!

    DilaSoft V3 (V4?) is alive and well! Versions newer than the old 2014 3.01.064 are not available through theta industries however... Version 3.2.x has been finished for some time and version 3.5.x is just about ready. If you're running any version prior to 2.75, you need to upgrade! If you're running any version prior to DilaSoft V3, you should upgrade. It's worth it just for the sizable windows... and the continued support and compatibility with current windows operating systems. It is after all, a bit difficult to offer support to someone running a 16 year old version of DilaSoft, which happens frequently. Upgrade your software! You can see the updates made to DilaSoft V3 on the DilaSoft updates page. If you want to know what's cooking or need an update to the latest version, ask. If you have any suggestions, let me know! If you manufacture dilatometers or high temperature viscometers and would like to distribute DilaSoft V3 with your instrument, we can talk about that too.

    As for the site, I have cleaned things up a bit, trashed some old junk and done some re-formatting. I have recently updated the DilaSoft V3 software pages as that's what I spent most of my time doing for the last 22 years; writing the DilaSoft V3 software. The last version released through theta industries is DilaSoft V3 version 3.01 for October, 2014. If you don't own or operate a Dilatometer or high temperature Viscometer then you have probably never heard of DilaSoft V3...

    I've also written a windows program to generate rangefinder cam templates for the Graflex Super Graphic 4x5 camera. Took me far too many years to finally get around to this but it now exists and seems to work pretty well. You can see the Super Graphic Cam Designer Program at the SouthBristolViews website on the Graflex Manuals page.

    I've made available an update to the FreeSpaceBar utility, now version 2. This one works just fine on XP and win7 and worth a look if you need such a thing. It doesn't do anything fancy. But since I just couldn't find anything in the win world to do what I wanted, I wrote it and thought someone else might like it? So it's there with some remedial docs if you'd like to check it out. It has it's own page with some description and links for downloading... FreeSpaceBar2 has been updated to dot-net for compatibility with XP and win7. It's basically a small "status" bar that displays things such as disk free space, up time, CPU usage, memory info, etc.

    Beyond working 60 hour weeks, I also spend what free time I can muster with electronics projects, amateur radio, large and medium format FILM photography and even some wood working, vinyl cutting and sign making, leather tooling , gardening and keeping our old cars running. Life is full of chores and little free time. Now that I may have quite a bit of "free" time on my hands, perhaps I'll squeeze out enough of it to completely re-do this site, finish up some PIC microcontroller projects that have been languishing, finally get up my off-center fed dipole antenna, finish up some programming and maybe even get in some fiddle time? It might be fun to start some electronics or Ham radio stuff here? Who knows? I'll probably have to spend most of my time finding a way to make some money; and that gardening so I can eat...

    Until then, my apologies for the condition and looks of the place...and watch out for page2. That's where I occasionally test some weird stuff and it's been known to crash a browser now and then... Just thought I'd let people know how things are going...

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