DilaSoft V3 Registration Information

DilaSoft V3 software for the Dilatometer and high temperature Viscometer is now licensed software that needs to be registered. Following is important information about this process.

DilaSoft V3 is shipped on CD. Once installed, it will run normally for 7 days. After that, it must be registered to continue. Registration is done by e-mail direct through Bearly Computing for the current registration fee. The registration is good forever for that version of DilaSoft V3 and the computer on which it was installed.

If you purchased a new version of DilaSoft V3 through theta industries already installed on a computer, they should have handled the registration (in your name) for you. If you purchased an upgrade or without being installed on a computer, they should have handled the payment for the registration for you under your name but you will have to send the registration information to me for the licensing code. You should also send me a copy of your purchase order/invoice!

If you purchase an upgrade or new version of DilaSoft V3 through theta industries and they have not registered it in your name or paid the registration fee, that is between you and theta industries. I can not offer the licensing code to you if I did not receive payment for it!

To register your copy of DilaSoft V3: Run the DilaSoft V3 main program. A window will display showing the status of your registration with instructions (if it is not registered). Copy the registration info and paste it into an e-mail. Send that, along with a copy of your paid invoice, to Bearly Computing. Once payment has been received or verified, you will get a reply e-mail with the registration code and instructions. If payment has not been received or verified, I will notify you of that too.

Registration is for a single computer only. Since theta industries no longer wishes to distribute the latest versions of DilaSoft V3, the new lower registration fee is $1000.00 US. Please read the End User License Agreement before registering or purchasing the software.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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