DilaSoft V3 Software Updates

for automated control, unlimted data collection and analysis of dilatometer and high temperature viscometer instruments

DilaSoft V3 updates, fixes and additions

See special hardware compatibility note below:

This page contains information about the latest DilaSoft V3 32-Bit software updates, fixes additions and changes. If you are using DilaSoft V3 for Windows with a version prior to 3.x, please see the enhancements and fixes below and upgrade your software for guaranteed future support and compatibility.

For addition documentation, see the DilaSoft V3 software page and software docs page. Also see the DilaSoft V3 registration information page.

Our software is constantly being enhanced and updated. We are always open to add new features and options. If you have any suggestions or needs, please contact Rich directly. Some of our best ideas have come from our customers!

Special support note: The most reliable and fastest way to get DilaSoft V3 software support is to e-mail me directly. I respond to e-mails very quickly and more details can be transferred than by any other means. If you have a DilaSoft V3 software problem, make sure to create a Problem Report from within the software and attach that file to the e-mail.

Please note: Due to current circumstances, direct and free support for DilaSoft I software sold by theta industries (any version) has been discontinued as of May 1, 2015. If you have a problem or question about any version of DilaSoft I sold by theta industries, CONTACT THEM! I am sorry for this inconvenience and will do my best to answer any E-mails concerning DilaSoft V3 software. I will not be able to get involved with lengthy support issues. Those will have to be handled by theta industries as will any hardware problems. Of course I offer full software support for any registered versions of DilaSoft V3 purchased through Bearly Computing!

DilaSoft V3 version 3.5 is done.

Theta Industries finally paid an invoice (last year!). Hoping this was a good sign ( it wasn't ), I released DilaSoft V3 version 3.20.111 to them. If you purchase this new version through theta industries, make sure it is registered in your name! I can not send the license code if the registration fee has not been paid to me in full!

Unfortunately as of November 2015, it doesn't look like theta industries will be distributing any versions of DilaSoft V3 beyond the old 2014 version 3.01.064. If any other dilatometer / viscometer manufacturers would be interested in distributing DilaSoft V3, feel free to contact me. If your system can be controlled by computer, I can make DilaSoft V3 work with it. I can also brand the software to your company.

To be clear, DilaSoft V3 is the latest version of the old DilaSoft I software sold through theta industries. They no longer distribute the latest versions.

If you are interested in the latest version just send me an e-mail...

Updates as of version 3.50.247, April 2020

NEW version 3.50! This is a release version.

DilaSoft V3 is now a licensed software product.

Added the Fowler Mark VI dial gauge to the equipment list.

Added detection for 64-bit systems for the Problem Report.

Fixed the calculations for up-time and memory info to handle larger numbers.

Fixed a problem where the torque may not be displayed in the Alert window for the rotating viscometer.

Fixed speed routines for the rotating viscometer so a user set speed is actually set when that speed is reached.

Fixed a problem for the rotating viscometer to prevent a speed change if speed is set to zero and torque is zero.

Fixed a problem where the setpoint could erroneously be set to huge negative numbers.

Fixed a problem where the Find Top of Melt window for the rotating viscometer would allow speed changes to occur.

Fixed a problem where the head speed could change even if the motor was set to off for the rotating viscometer.

Mod to the run-time graphs to recalculate and redraw if the number of plotted points exceed 6000.

Mod to the StripChart graph to update by time to prevent long pauses in plotting due to variances in storage intervals..

Mod to the Quick Reports graphs for better plotting of all points and linear x axis.

Fix for Quick Reports graphs for the Parallel Plate and Bending Beam Viscometers to plot correct viscosity.

Fixed run-time force graph for proper value.

Fixed some calculation and display problems with temperature programs that used extremely large hold times.

Another mod to the register prn's routine for better win7,8 compatibility.

Added the installed program path display to the registerprns program.

Added user entered name for the USB-AD16f unit if needed.

Added display of the delayed start date-time to the main program window.

Mod to runtime's About window so it no longer pauses program execution.

Fixed drive free space display in about window.

Added the progress bar to the mini-status window.

Mod to the set-switch and set-valve routines so they execute immediately after a new segment is started instead of waiting for the next save data timing.

Added total graphpoints and totalpoints display to runtime graph captions.

Fixed a problem where the segment time left display may continue to count after an experiment has ended.

Fixed a problem where the strip chart may not auto-scale correctly for negative numbers.

Additions to the help file for the USB-AD16f DA unit.

Added support for the USB-AD16f data acquisition unit.

Fixed a problem where the auto-data-name feature may not save needed values into the experiment file.

Added a temperature program time remaining progress bar to the main run-time window.

Added the time remaining and percent remaining to the pop-up tooltip text for the time remaining window and progress bar.

Fixed a problem where the default dilatometer channels may not have the correct source channel set.

Fixed a problem where the user reference material list may have the wrong ID numbers.

Fixed a problem where the switch/valve values may not be visible in the run-time temperature program display.

Fixed a problem where the run-time plots may not display all the collected data.

Fixed a problem where the main run-time windows may not save their screen position.

Fixed a problem where the time remaining days might show a completely wrong number when an experiment is paused.

Removed the quote characters from around the Time column numbers in the data files. The quotes apparently prevented some spreadsheet programs from importing the Time column as numbers.

Many other minor fixes and changes...

Note: There has been an issue after installation that causes an error when a test is started. This does not happen on every installation and it looks like I have at least a 'work-around'. A final fix should be done soon.

Updates as of version 3.20.111 September, 2015

NEW version 3.20! This is a release version.

This version has been released to theta industries.

DilaSoft V3 can now use the Fowler Mark VI dial gauge.

Fixed speed routines for the rotating viscometer so a user set speed is actually set when that speed is reached.

Fixed a problem for the rotating viscometer to prevent a speed change if speed is set to zero and torque is zero.

DilaSoft V3 is now a licensed software product.

Updates as of version 3.02.072 July, 2015

NEW version 3.02! This is a release version.

DilaSoft V3 can now use two DT9826 data acquisition units for multi-head systems and up to 8 channels.

DilaSoft V3 is now a licensed software product.

Updates as of version 3.01.064 October, 2014

This is the last version released through theta industries!

NEW version 3.01! This is a release version.

Added the new DT9826 Data Acquisition unit to available equipment choices.

Added new window to enter the names for the DT982x units. These names no longer have to be ADIO-0 and ADIO-1 and only have to be changed in more than one unit is used on an instrument.

Added a new automatic Calibration Report option to create the report every time a calibration setup is performed.

Fixed the operation of the Cancel and Okay buttons on the Delayed Start window and changed display for better readability.

Fixed a possible problem if the delayed start passed December 31 into a new year.

Added minimum window size for main run-time window and graphs.

Updated the help file with new information and links from the software.

Added more information and better formatting in the Problem Report for better diagnostics.

Updates as of version 3.0.319 August, 2014

NEW version 3.0! This is a release version.

Now all major windows are completely sizable. All windows remember their last size and position on the screen. This makes working with many windows on higher resolution screens much easier.

The Lock Configuration setting feature can now be password protected. This helps prevent accidental changes to the system configurations in environments where students or lesser trained people operate the instrument. Added the user reference materials editing to the lock/unlock.

Many changes made to the user interface to make it easier to use.

Finally removed the flicker on the run-time strip chart graph.

Fixed a problem when loading a temperature program file that would retain the old program name and write over the old program.

Fixed a problem where the graph names were not correct for a particular instrument in the run-time program.

Added a new feature to archive all experiment information into a single file contained in a new EXPArchive folder. This file contains all information needed to completely restore the software to the state used when the experiment was run including the data file and temperature program. This feature also has an Auto-Archive option that creates this archive file after every experiment run.

Completely new handling of the rare printer crash problem with the Analyze program. A separate program is first loaded to test the crash, invisible to the operator. Analyze will now simply run with no problems.

The analyze program now creates a log by default for better diagnostics.

Fixed a problem where if loading settings from a backup file a blank line would be inserted into the temperature program.

Made the Problem Report compatible with the settings restore and archive functions.

Fixed a minor problem where the "Insert Degree Symbol" button was left active in a column where it could not be used.

Fixed a problem where if loading a backup setting file the software could crash if an illegal parameter was encountered.

Fixed a problem where if a non-existing com port was selected for the rotating viscometer and then an experiment was run in demo mode the software could crash.

The main program now saves and restores all the settings for the Quick Reports.

Fixed a problem in Quick Reports that would generate an error if a graph was created with less than 10 data points in the data file.

Removed the 8 character filename limit on Quick Reports filenames. Reformatted those names and added the DateTime to them. Graph report names now include the actual name of the graph.

Added the option of WMF (windows meta file) file format output for the Quick Report graphs. Advantage: much smaller file size and can be sized up or down to any size without loss of resolution.

Fixed a problem with the runtime program where if any program segment after the first had a ramp rate set to zero, the segment would not be processed correctly.

With the DilaSoft Analyze program, the .prn extension no longer must be typed in when using the Save As menu feature. The standard PRN extension will automatically be added now.

Enabled the Restore Original menu feature. This feature reloads the original data file.

For the analyze program, the backup filename extension has been changed from .bak to .prb. This allows the program to load a backup data file directly if needed. A data file can not be saved directly with a .prb extension for safety.

Fixed a minor problem in the analyze program where if a data file was loaded, then any plot generated, then the same file was selected to load from the file menu (by clicking on the last used filename), a bad file name error was generated and the data file was not loaded. This now works correctly.

Fixed the automated file association between the DilaSoftAnalyze program and prn, pr1-4 and prb extensions.

The main DilaSoft program no longer disappears when the "data analysis" button is clicked on to open the DilaSoftAnalyze program.

Fixed DilaSoftAnalyze to allow only one instance of the program to run. All instance checking code has been rewritten for better function and compatibility.

The default installation folder and filenames have changed. Version 3.x can be installed and run without affecting an older version 2.x installation.

Many small fixes and changes to both unseen code and visible user interfaces...

The help files have been updated with the new screens and information of new or changed features.

Updates as of version 2.89.077 November, 2013

This is a release version.

Much improved table report handling in analyze should resolve false invalid range errors.

Better Windows 8 compatibility.

Fixed a problem in Analyze temperature table reports where the saved values of viscosity and temperature were reversed when reloading these values.

Analyze now resets the original default printer driver on exit when a printer driver fault occurs.

Fixed a problem where false spike reports were added to the log when using a Eurotherm controller.

Changed the size and position of the switch on/off boxes on the main run-time screen for better readability.

Added Windows 8 and 8.1 detection to the Problem Report.

Updates as of version 2.88.056 May, 2013

This is a release version.

Added new recalculate Percent of Change to analyze.

Removed the 90 character limit in analyze for data/file paths.

Enabled the Copy menu feature for plots in analyze. However, this function will only copy the entire analyze window to the clipboard. If you need just a plot copied, either modify the bitmap in an editor or maximize the plot before using the Copy function.

Implemented a feature to disable the computer's sleep - hibernate and screen saver modes while an experiment is running as these modes can cause a catastrophic fault.

Added an alert if an experiment is started and either the delayed start or pre-heat functions are set.

Updates as of version 2.86.048 September, 2012

This is a release version.

Added new Percent of Change features to analyze. This add two new plots and information to the reports for the percent of change for the Dilatometer.

Added support for the Yokogawa UT-150 controller for both the furnace controller and as a temperature meter.

Fixed a problem where the software would not work with com ports numbers between 4 and 9.

Updated the setpoint utility to Setpoint2 to fully support the Yokogawa UT-150.

Added a retry and check for occasional bad initialization of the Brookfield rotating viscometer head.

More additions and mods to the Problem Report for better reports and debugging problems.

Updates as of version 2.84.025 April, 2012

This is a release version.

Change over from old .hlp help system to the newer HTML help system compatible with win7 and XP.

Fixed a problem where the last log file may not be included in the Problem Report.

Fixed a problem with the up-time calculations in the Problem Report.

Added the use of a user reference material to the specimen material list.

Some mods and fixes for the 4-head system using the DT98xx data acquisition system.

Fixed a problem where the user reference materials may not have been loaded correctly.

Updates as of version 2.83.078 February, 2012

This is a release version.

Added support for the 4 head Dilatometer using the DT98xx data acquisition unit.

Lengthened the time between audio prompts.

Fixed a problem where the exit temperature was constantly sent out after an experiment ends.

Changes to the total time and time left for running experiments to be more accurate.

Enhanced debugging information for the Problem Reports.

Updates as of version 2.82.032 November, 2011

This is a release version.

Added a "Create Calibration Report" to the main program Calibration tab.

Added a crash protection scheme to the analyze program. The crash is caused by a conflict with the memory usage of certain printer drivers. The new 2.82 version will now set a flag that this crash has occurred and then set the default printer driver to the supplied PDF driver so the crash does not happen again.

Added a new utility that allows adjusting data files with correction files after the test has been run. Currently only the Dilatometer is supported.

Updates as of version 2.81.012 Dec 21, 2010

This is a release version.

Corrected the process to better register prn files with the analyze program.

Updated the algorithms for sintered alumina.

Fixed a possible problem with the segment editor that could have allowed an illegal loop nesting of segments using the jump option.

Several minor cosmetic changes to experiment info report.

Updates as of version 2.80.100 May 31, 2010

This is a release version.

Added precision timer to allow data logging to one tenth of a second (7 to 8 logs per second is typically the fastest).

Enabled the digital switching with DT9821 data acquisition unit.

Fixed tool-tip text in edit segment window.

Fixed first segment finish time display for seconds.

Updates as of version 2.80.076 May 5, 2010

This is a release version.

Added feature to lock all program and instrument configuration settings from the main program File menu.

Added feature to save or load all default program settings.

Added feature to save a Calibration Report in a separate Cals folder.

Added a feature to save or load the entire software and instrument settings into a settings backup folder. This feature can also restore the software settings from a Problem Report.

Added an EditSegment button to the temperature program windows so user does not have to double-click a segment to edit it.

Added row highlighting to temperature program display to make it easier to see which segment is selected and the ability to scroll and select a segment with the keyboard..

Added ability to edit segment with either Edit Segment button or hitting the Return key on selected segment.

Added feature of clicking on a line in the temperature program graph and have the corresponding segment highlighted and selected in the grid.

Changed the operation of the Edit Segment window so it remains on top of other windows.

Fixed initial display of first three program segments in the runtime when an experiment first starts.

The currently running segment will be highlighted if the operator selects to edit the temperature program from the runtime screen.

Added additional data to the Print Defaults option.

Fixed a problem where the runtime may hang in the LVDT Position screen Cancel button was pressed.

Updated the help file with new features.

Updates as of version 2.75.080 August 13, 2009

This is a release version. (see all ver 2.75.x changes below)

The function for the changeover viscosity now works correctly for the Bending Beam and Parallel Plate viscometers.

Updates as of version 2.75.060 June 2, 2009

This is a release version. (see all ver 2.75.x changes below)

The Analyze program now accepts the windows command structure for file associations. This means that a data file can be associated with analyze so it can be double-clicked to open in analyze.

A new utility program is now included to automatically register the data files with analyze.

The main DilaSoft program now has a menu option to register the data files with analyze.

The precision for the deltaL value in the Parallel Plate and Bending Beam viscometer data has been increased.

Updates as of version 2.75.055 May 18, 2009

This is a release version. (see all ver 2.75.x changes below)

There are too many minor changes to list here. This is a major update!

Added a one-button click E-mail send button on the Problem Report window. This will automatically compose an E-mail addressed to theta with subject, body and attached Problem Report file.

Analyze changes:

Removed the sample info from Dilatometer plot comment lines as it was already in the subtitle.

Added default entries into the report windows if a user entered incorrect data.

Added a display of the minimum and maximum temperatures and the total number of rows on the report windows so the user no longer has to look these up in the data file.

The elapsed time is now automatically calculated (if not already done) when the reports window is displayed as it is an available column for the report.

The ToolBox now only opens automatically when a plot is created.

Updates as of version 2.75.050 April 30, 2009

This is a test release version.

There are too many minor changes to list here. This is a major update!

Fixed tooltip text for RTD ref column in channel setup.

Added menu and function to tabform to delete logs older than 60 days.

Fixed stringwrap function for printing comments.

Changed the message for initial load calibration difference for easier understanding.

Fixed a problem if two Eurotherm controllers were used but with different addresses.

Analyze changes:

Finally got rid of the debug script window when elapsed time was calculated.

Fixed plots for all viscometers. This includes plot titles and labels.

Added the ability to completely modify and move all labels on the plots. This includes titles, headers, legends, comments and even the user added arrows and text which can now be moved and changed by simply double-clicking them.

Added the ability to change the plot lines including line type and color by simply double-clicking the plot line..

Added a menu option to add a legend to the plot. Very useful for multi column plots.

Added a menu option to auto-group plot column lines. For multi-column plots, this will automatically give each plot line a different color.

Fixed the table reports for viscometers. This includes correct column titles for each instrument plus some additions.

Added the current date to the comment line in a plot by default.

Fixed Bending Beam and Parallel Plate row reports for correct column data.

Updates as of version 2.75.010 March 25, 2009

This is a test release version.

There are too many minor changes to list here. This is a major update!

Added channel mapping to setups that use a data acquisition unit.

Increased the size of most windows for better visibility

Changed the operation of the run-time's channel diagnostic screen. It now pauses the experiment and no longer makes any permanent changes to the channel setup.

The run-time temperature program display is now updated before a segment alert is generated.

Fixed the log of viscosity display in the run-time for the Bending Beam and Parallel Plate viscometers.

Added the ability to change the changeover viscosity from the run-time parameter screen.

Fixed a problem where the wrong channel output might get displayed if channel 2 was not set as the RTD.

Added an alert for the Rotating viscometer if more than one "Find Top of Melt" was selected in a temperature program.

Fixed a problem where the correct channel setup might not be loaded if the instrument type was changed in the software.

Added the date to the filename of reports and logs.

Fixed a problem where the default channels may be wrong if more than one head was selected for a Dilatometer.

Added an "Insert degree symbol" in the channel setup screen for data acquisition systems.

Fixed delayed start for the DTA.

Added an alert message if a temperature program was created without having a set start temperature stating that the total time can not be accurate.

Added a check for a valid RTD reference channel for thermocouple channels in the channel setup screen for data acquisition units.

Added an alert when a speed of less than 1 is set for a Find Top of Melt segment for the Rotating viscometer.

Added many more loggings for the error reports and Problem Reports for better diagnosis.

Added changeover viscosity to runtime parameter screen.

Many minor changes in display, runtime and logging...

Updates as of version 2.69.510 February 13, 2009

This is a test release version.

Modified alert window routines to display window before any sounds are played.

Added ability to change the Maximum Speed in the run-time Parameter window for the Rotating Viscometer.

Added a "keep alive" routine for the Brookfield head when in a temperature program segment that does not store data or record torque.

Changed Rotating Viscometer routines to allow torque to spike above 100% and continue with experiment.

Added a routine to check for proper operation of the temperature controller and alert the user if it is no longer operating correctly.

Added messages to the error log for better diagnostics.

Changed the size and font spacing in the temperature program form for better visibility.

Added more data to the problem Report for better diagnostics.

Updates as of version 2.69.275 January 8, 2009

This is a stable release version.

Modified software to properly check for and change international numeric setups in Windows.

Fixed a possible problem when setting up a second temperature meter on a com port.

Modified Rotating Viscometer to no longer plot points in the run-time graphs during initial speed and torque setup.

Fixed a possible problem in run-time graphs that could cause a crash if no points were stored.

Modified the alert windows to display faster and better.

Updates as of version 2.69.127 November 4, 2008

This is a stable release version.

Modified Bending Beam and Parallel Plate setups to allow for scientific notation input.

Changed numeric display for Bending Beam and Parallel Plate viscometers.

Added changes to viscosity changeover routines.

Greatly modified the Setpoint utility program. It now has more features and some com port diagnostics.

Updates as of version 2.68.123 August 29, 2008

This is a stable release version.

Changed Rotating Viscometer to stop motor if motor switch to inactive

Modified torque and speed display in alert window for Rotating Viscometer.

Modified the Find Top of Melt routine to reset speed to zero.

Fixed a possible problem using a Eurotherm as a temperature meter.

Fixed code to save user reference materials when calling save defaults.

Added Viscosity Changeover to Bending Beam and Parallel Plate viscometers

Updates as of version 2.65.0115 as of July 7, 2007

This is a stable release version.

Added support for DT9821 data acquisition box.

Added a "Cals" folder to save calibration results for future reference.

Fixed small problem with Alerts.ini file.

Added setpoint.ini to ProblemReport.

Modified routine for reading temperature from Eurotherm controllers to eliminate spikes.

Fixed problem where viscometers would not load previous experiment setups.

Changed pop-up message in Edit Segment head speed box.

Changed maximum stored SMC and stored SRC to 150 from 50.

Added check for out of range data when reading dial gauge.

Changed routines to read dial gauges for more consistent results.

Fixed minor display problem where a thermocouple would display as "rtd".

Fixed problem where setpoint temperature would be set to zero when changing program segments and there was no temperature controller installed.

Removed "Check furnace..." warning message from all program start-ups except actual experiment runs.

Added a write check to insure the software can save and change its own settings with warning to user if not.

Many minor changes for stability, error reporting and Problem Report generation.

Updates as of version 2.60.0073 as of July 1, 2006

This is a stable release version.

Fixed a long standing problem with the Glass Transition Point not working in Analyze.

If you have a version older than 2.60.0073 and need this function, please contact Rich for details.

Modified the "toolbox" in Analyze to open automatically when a data file is opened.

Updates as of version 2.60.0070 as of June 1, 2006

This is a stable release version.

Changed Rotating Viscometer to increment the temperature program segment if torque exceeds 100%

Added a check for proper channel titles to work with Analyze.

Added an auto-fix option to the check channels routine.

Added a warning message box if saved directories could not be found.

More fixes for XP compatibility.

Multiple changes to how the current specimen length and specimen height is calculated and stored.

Added user entered SMC, SRC and spindle type for Rotating Viscometer.

Added more checks for DV2+ head on Rotating Viscometer.

Added Load to the runtime parameter box.

Added support for Ultra HB heads in the Rotating Viscometer.

Modified rvis setup for 800000000 max visc entry for HB heads.

Fixed edit segment alarm pause time. Was setting txtrate instead of AlarmTime.

Added display of torque and speed to Alert window.

Added ability to run an experiment without communicating with actual hardware.

Added "Run as Demo" button to test experiment parameters.

Fixed missing channel 7 for KCPI3107/3108 DA boards.

Changed DA routines to stabilize readings from new KCPI3107/3108 DA cards.

Added indefinite pause times.

Added user entered temperature program segment alarm messages.

Changed Delayed Start to allow for month and day entries for greater than 24 hour delays.

Code modified to change the data file of temperature programs from space delimited to tab delimited.

Added code to automatically import older temperature programs.

Fixed a divide by zero error for Bending Beam and Parallel Plate viscometers in runtime parameter window.

Fixed logging of initial torque value.

Added window to allow user to edit custom alert messages.

Updated help file.

Many other tweaks and minor changes.

Updates as of version 2.52.0053 as of January 1, 2004

Fixed yet again the Problem Report generator, until MS breaks it.

Changed software to allow for 9 com ports instead of 4.

Added reminders about trying to use an inch micrometer instead of a metric micrometer for calibrations.

Fixed problem with selecting 3194 for da2. It would set for io port instead of com port...

Changed temperature program printing to landscape mode to allow for the longer length of program segments.

Added audio prompts for the end of the Pre-Heat function and the beginning of an experiment.

Fixed a problem when Pre-Heat was used when a temperature program had only one segment.

Added a function to allow an experiment to "Auto Start" when using the Pre-Heat function. This allows an experiment to run after a Pre-Heat with no user input.

Fixed a problem where the software would try to run an experiment in a Preheat was set up, but a Calibration was stared.

Fixed the "About" window to properly display memory and free disk space when using Win NT/2K.

Updates as of version 2.50.0080; July 1, 2003

Added option to used a previously stored zero factor for the rotating viscometer.

Increased wait time for "Find top of melt" to 30 minutes.

Modified text entry for specimen ID to no longer allow a comma as it doesn't work with the analyze program.

Changed communications with the rotating viscometer head to increase reliability.

Changed communications to serial (RS-232) devices for increased reliability.

Software now saves the last data collected before ending an experiment when a hard error occurs.

The Analyze program now has the option to convert columns from millimeters to inches and back.

Updates as of version 2.50.0025; September 16, 2002

Run-time window now remembers position and size of wind when rerun.

Moved the Alert window to the top-left corner of the screen so it would not overlay the display portion of the run-time screen.

Final support for the Keithly 3107/8 data acquisition board.

The DiagChannels feature will now read all channels. It would previously only read the maximum number of channels originally set on for a particular instrument.

Thermocouple and RTD readings can now be corrected in software using the channel Zero and Scale options.

A new TC-Ref column in the channel setup for thermocouple channels referencing an RTD.

Fixed an input problem for the Bending Beam Viscometer for the specimen name where the input was always highlighted, erasing any previous input.

Added the specimen name to the headers of the data files.

Fixed a minor problem where the LVDT position and DiagChannel windows might reload after the Okay button was pressed.

Updates as of version 2.45.0051; July 31, 2002

Added a check for international settings to force a decimal point separator in number formats.

Minor additions to the Problem Report.

Changed the time format in data files for milliseconds, now separated with a decimal point instead of a colon for compatibility with external programs.

Minor changes for better compatibility with newer Rotating Viscometer heads.

Updated runtime graphing modules.

Fixed a problem where on rare occasions the custom alert window would still be active after clicking on the Okay button.

Analyze will now start from the main program "Analyze" button and open the correct data file.

Fixed Rotating Viscometer plots in Analyze.

Fixed problem in Analyze where program did not open to the same size and position as when last closed.

Other minor cosmetic changes.

Updates as of version 2.45.0015; April 29, 2002

Fixed problem of software not correctly using very long directory paths that some users had input to default directories. Restructured default directory window to display very long paths.

Minor additions to the Problem Report.

Added Jump to Segment feature in Temperature Programs allowing a user to jump directly to another temperature program segment while the experiment is running.

Fixed problem in time remaining for a segment after that segment was edited while program was running.

Added Alarms feature to temperature program. This allows two types of alarms plus off for every individual temperature program segment. The two type are Timed and Timed with program pause, both with audio/voice alerts.

Alarm window now shows the time remaining for the Alert window to remain on screen.

Fixed a problem when restarting an experiment while the furnace temperature was above room temperature. If there is a large discrepancy between the furnace temperature and the specimen temperature, there was a chance of sending 100% power to the furnace. The software now uses the lower of the two temperatures as the start of the program so 100% power will no longer be generated.

Updates as of version 2.43.1000; April 02, 2002

Fixed Rotating Viscometer Temperature Correction file usage when using instrument in Poise instead of centiPoise.

Added Force vs. Time graph to run-time displays.

Updates as of version 2.43.0100; March 14, 2002

Fixed TGA calibration factor number entry problem.

Updated run-time graph modules.

Updates as of version 2.42.1000; January 18, 2002

Fixed a problem when using very long directory/folder path names.

Added support for new Brookfield DVIII+ rotating Viscometer head.

Updates as of version 2.42.0000; December 12, 2001

Added option to use Rotating Viscometer in Poise instead of centiPoise.

Added tungsten material for specimen holder.

Modified setpoint routines to use actual specimen temperature instead of setpoint temperature for many settings including error/fault conditions so furnace temperature would not change adversely.

Improved reporting in Problem Reports.

Updates as of version 2.41.0007; September 10, 2001

Added automatic calibration for the balance of the TGA instrument.

Updates as of version 2.41.0000; August 27, 2001

Added Theta Alumina 410 to list of reference materials for compatibility with available alumina materials..

Repaired TGA functionality which has been broken since version 2.36.0011.

Fixed default DTA channel settings as two channels were left on that should have been turned off when instrument type was changed.

Fixed right Y axis of run-time dual graph display.

Modified run-time graph printouts for darker lines and colors.

Fixed Main program channel setup for channel title input to prevent non-standard character inputs which prevented the analyze program from properly loading the resulting data files.

Many cosmetic and minor functional changes made to make program operation more clear and standard.

Updates as of version 2.40.0017; May 17, 2001

Added User Reference Materials for Dilatometers and Viscometers!

Updates as of version 2.37.0000; May 8, 2001- Interim release.

Added Change-Over Height to Parallel Plate Viscometer.

Added Change-Over Deflection to Bending Beam Viscometer.

"Change-Over" height & deflection is a user setting that forces the software to jump to the next temperature program segment when reached.

Updates as of version 2.36.0011; April 20, 2001

Standard reference materials have been added to the Viscometers. These include: Borosilicate glass, Lead-Silica glass, Soda-Lime-Silica glass and oil (for the rotating viscometer).

Temperature Correction files have been added to the viscometers. This new correction file type functions with temperature vs the log of viscosity instead of delta-length. See the Software Additional Documentation page for more information.

Support for the new Keithly KPCI-3107/8 data acquisition cards have been implemented. The software has been modified to now support up to 100 separate devices over the old limit of 10 devices for future expansion.

A new feature for the Rotating Viscometer is "Find top of melt". This option alerts the user at a set point in the experiment so that the top of the specimen melt can be found to properly adjust the depth of the rotor.

A correction was made to the TGA handling of correction file data.

Fixed a minor problem with the error report generation.

Greatly improved the speed of operation when using the 3194 20-bit data acquisition box.

Updates as of version 2.30.0061; October 23, 2000

The temperature program graph now correctly plots the cycles of a cycled temperature program.

An precision error in the volume calculation for the Parallel Plate Viscometer was corrected.

Updates as of version 2.30.0050; October 6, 2000

The run-time status screens now display the time remaining for the currently running temperature program segment.

The Analysis program now has a built-in graph for the specimen length vs temperature (for Dilatometers).

Updates as of version 2.30.0020; September 11, 2000

Three completely new features added again!

New Mini-Status window. This is a smaller version of the run-time Status window that uses less screen space but displays all the experiment information.

New Temperature Program Cycling. Allows the repetition of program segments for cycling experiments.

New 4-Head Mini Display window just for multi-head Dilatometers. This new mini window displays the temperature, position and thermal expansion for all 4 heads at the same time, constantly updated and able to be positioned anywhere on the screen.

The total time for temperature program runs is now displayed in the main Program Tab window.

For Dilatometers, the actual current specimen length is now saved in the data file.


Updates as of version 2.20.000; August 1, 2000

Two completely new features added!

Pre-Heating the furnace. This feature allows the operator to use a pre-heat temperature program to heat the furnace to a specified temperature before the experiment actually starts.

Delayed Start. This feature (only available in the Full version) allows the operator to set a starting time for the experiment. The software will wait until that set time before starting the experiment.

Analyze has been updated to fix a recent problem with the parallel plate and bending beam Viscometer table reports. The graph "save-as -> BMP" function is now operational again.
A minor addition of computer up-time has been added to the Problem Report.

Updates as of version 2.13.000; July 13, 2000

Extensive work has been done to the Problem Report generator. Much more information is now reported not only about our software, but also about the computer running it. This will help immensely with solving problems running the software on customer supplied machines.
The new help file is now fully integrated into the software. The new help file is now completely multi-instrument. Each instrument has it's own complete help section. This offers clearer and more in-depth information without having to read about the other instruments.
We now have an "update" program that automatically installs any upgrade programs, files and components and even backs up the replaced files.

Updates as of version 2.12.008; June 20, 2000

The new install program is now being used on the distribution CD's. This fixes many small problems with the old installer and guarantees compatibility with win95/98, NT and win2000.

Correction files now work for both heating and cooling cycles using the same ramp rate. See the new correction file documentation (in PDF format) for details.

Many modifications to data collection routines for greater reliability, accuracy and error checking. It was possible that an over-range condition on the data acquisition could cause a 'spike' return data point that would generate a "meltdown" error condition. This would force the software to jump to the next cooling cycle or end the experiment. This has never been reported without a definite corresponding hardware failure. However, this should no longer be possible as the software now checks for 'spike' conditions before generating the errors.

The display of the run-time graphs has been increased from 2000 points to 6000 points for greater resolution and accuracy.

Updates as of version 2.11.004; May 16, 2000

A requested new feature has been implemented. For 4 head Dilatometers, any or all of the 4 head measurements (thermal expansion and temperature) can now be displayed in the two run-time graphs. Each of the 4 heads are selectable by color coded buttons. This does not include the run-time strip chart!

In the analyze portion of the software, the average alpha between any two points of the data file can now be calculated.

The run-time program priority can now be set in the Configuration menu. This allows a setting of 'normal' instead of the high priority the software usually runs with. This will allow more CPU time to other applications for better multitasking.

Updates as of version 2.10.255; May 11, 2000

A potential problem has been found and corrected involving the use of correction files in experiments with temperature programs containing both heating and cooling program segments. This is only a problem if both heating and cooling segments are used, and both heating and different cooling correction files are used in the same experiment. New correction file documentation (in PDF format) is available to clarify the correct procedure for this type of use.

Updates as of version 2.10.250; May, 2000

4 Head Dilatometer:

All 4 correction files are now correctly used. If you use the 32-Bit DilaSoft and have a 4 head system, you should make sure your version is at least 2.10.250!

Overall faster operation when using 4 correction files.


Bending Beam and Parallel Plate Viscometers:

Viscosity can now be displayed as Poise or Log of Poise during the experiment. This is set from the drop-down menu and is remembered between sessions.

Absolute position column in the data file is now in centimeters to coincide with the rest of the measurements.

Parallel Plate maximum load is increased to 1000 grams.


Rotating Viscometer:

New software based zeroing function for the high sensitivity head. This is much more accurate and prevents erroneous result with certain spindle sizes or shapes and material properties. If the proper zero can not be established, the user is notified and the experiment is aborted.



The internal relays of the ADC16 data acquisition board are now linked to software switches 1 and 2. These allow for the direct control of higher current external devices.

Spaces are now allowed in filenames.

The drop-down menu option for Help->search now functions.


Special Hardware Compatibility Note:

Hardware support note: Up to the current version of DilaSoft V3, all original hardware is still supported by the software. However, much of the older hardware can no longer be tested, probably can not work with current versions of windows and is no longer actively supported. These hardware devices include: 3194 Data Acquisition, Daytronic System 10, National Instruments ADC, DA1600 Int.Data Acquisition, ADC16 Int.Data Acquisition, TGA Cahn Balance, K3107 Data Acquisition, MR1S 2 Color Pyrometer. If your instrument uses one of these devices and you want to upgrade to the latest version of DilaSoft V3, please contact us for solutions. The 3194 Data Acquisition should have no problems with compatibility. The Keithley K3107 should work up to windows 7 (32 bit only). The Mark IV dial guage, Cahn balance and pyrometer may also work as they are RS-232 devices, however they are no longer manufactured and can not be tested.

*The DTA/TGA systems can no longer be tested and verified as these instruments have not been manufactured in many years.

For the Data Translation DT982x data acquisition units, make sure you have installed at least version 7.6 of the DT OpenLayers drivers!

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