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Special support note: The most reliable and fastest way to get DilaSoft V3 software support is to e-mail me directly. I respond to e-mails very quickly and more details can be transferred than by any other means. If you have a DilaSoft software problem, make sure to create a Problem Report from within the software and attach that file to the e-mail.

Due to circumstances, direct and free support for DilaSoft I software sold by theta industries ( any version ) has been discontinued as of May 1, 2015. I am sorry for this inconvenience and will do my best to answer any E-mails concerning DilaSoft V3 software. I will not be able to get involved with lengthy support issues. Those will have to be handled by theta industries.

This page contains additional information about the latest DilaSoft V3 32 bit software for the dilatometer, viscometer and DTA/TGA* instruments.

Our software is constantly being enhanced. If you have any suggestions, needs or problems, please contact Rich. Some of our best ideas have come from our customers! If something needs better explanation, we'll create a new document and make it available to our customers and here on the web site. For any clarification of software procedures, problems or suggestions for new features, you can contact the author directly through E-mail. To see the changes and updates in DilaSoft version, please see the DilaSoft V3 Updates Page.

D/L or view the DilaSoft V3 Software Brochure in PDF format.

The DilaSoft V3 Quick Setup Sheet in PDF format used as a check-list or reminder for experiment setups.

Documentation for User Reference Materials is available in PDF format.
Documentation explaining the usage of the new Temperature Correction Files is now available, for Viscometers.
New correction file documentation (in PDF format) is available to clarify the correct procedure for cooling temperature program segments.
Temperature Program Cycling docs in PDF format.
A brief explanation of the new Pre-Heat and Delayed Start features in text format.

If you are upgrading your software to a newer version, please read upgrade.txt.
To display multiple data sheets or multiple columns in a single graph, please read DispMultGraph.txt.
For reference, the readme.txt file from the install CD.
For Problem Reports involving the analyze program, read the AnalyzeDebug.txt.
D/L or view the Auto Data Name docs.

*The DTA/TGA systems can no longer be tested and verified.

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DilaSoft V3 software for the dilatometer, viscometer and DTA/TGA* instruments.