DilaSoft V3 : Feature rich - easy to use!

Software for computer automated experiment control, unlimited data collection and analysis of collected data for the Dilatometer, Viscometer, DTA and TGA*.

See the full description, the comparison page for a brief description of what is not included in the Lite version and the DilaSoft updates page for the latest updates and additions.

*Note: The DTA and TGA portions of DilaSoft V3 can no longer be tested and verified.

Also available is our two page Software Brochure in PDF format.

DilaSoft V3 Software

See also:

DilaSoft V3 Updates page for current additions and fixes to the DilaSoft V3 software.
Software docs page for addition documentation.

To be clear, DilaSoft V3 is the latest version of the old DilaSoft I software sold through theta industries. They no longer distribute the latest versions.

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